Meet the coaches

Gina Kehr and Bruce Smith coach the team- you may find them on the swim deck helping you with your stroke, on the track keeping an eye on your form, or right next to you as you hammer through a trainer workout in Zone 4. We would like to take up some webspace here to introduce them, since they play a lead role in keeping our wheels turning.

Gina Kehr

Bruce Smith

Gina was a swimmer at Cal Poly, and began as a professional triathlete in 1998. She worked her way up to 8th place in the ITU Olympic trials by 2000. She frequents Kona, HI and has placed in the top 10 at the Ironman World Championships six times. At her best, in 2006, she was the 4th female finisher. She is now the driving force of the Affinity Multisport community and coach of the Stanford Triathlon Team.

Bruce is an 8 time Ironman competitor and the top U.S. Ultraman of 2001. He has coached athletics since 1983, with a special passion for coaching swimmers. He is founder and head coach at Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics of Alpine Hills and has served coaching positions for the swim teams of Stanford and Brown University. Nowadays, he can be found out on long bike rides or on deck at Stanford teaching us to swim.