Course details

Please read:
We are fortunate to have permission to swim, bike, and run on the private property of Pacific Shores. To minimize our impact on our hosts' property, we ask that you not preview the race course for any portion of the Treeathlon. Furthermore, we explicitly forbid marking the course in any way. Do not bring chalk.


Click on the image below to access the course map in Google Maps:
You can also click here to download the map in kml format and explore it in Google Earth.

The draft-legal course is slightly different. Click here to see it in Google maps or click here to download the kml.
See below for zoomed maps of each leg, as well as for maps of parking and the finish area/vendor exposition:

The Full Stanford Treeathlon is a sprint distance triathlon, which consists of the following three events:

500 Meter Open-Water Swim: A quick, lifeguard-supervised swim through a protected cove of the Port of Redwood City. The water temperature in February/March can be chilly (low 60s), and A WETSUIT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. Racers without wetsuits will be required to sign a waiver of liability for the risks involved. The swim will start in waves of approximately 5 minutes.

20 Kilometer Bike: Three fast and flat lollipop loops down Seaport Blvd and around a nearby office park loop.

5 Kilometer Run: Out and back along the bike course on Seaport Blvd.


Age 5 and under (Acorns): 0.5 mile bike, 0.1 mile run (google map | .jpg map)
Age 6-7 (Pinecones): 1.2 mile bike, 0.25 mile run (google map | .jpg map)
Age 8-9 (Twigs): 2.4 mile bike, 0.6 mile run (google map | .jpg map)
Age 10-12 (Firewood): 3.6 mile bike, 1.2 mile run (google map | .jpg map)