Stanford Triathlon Officers, 2013-2014

Our officers are responsible for administration and organization of the team.
They can all be reached by email through the addresses on this page.

Shannon Edd - President
Eirik Ravnan - Vice President & WCCTC Representative
Thomas Roos - Race Director & Nationals Coordinator
John Butterfield - Financial Coordinator
Amy King - The Stanford Fund Coordinator
Olivia Bryant - Alumni Relations & Fundraising
Katie Fritsch - Safety
Andrew Stanley - Apparel
Andrew Roos - Equipment
John Kegelman - Sponsorship
Bernardo Tapia - Community
Dave Constant - Treeathlon Director
Tim Gurshin & Stacey Wong - Social Coordinators
Maddie Graham - Womens' Team Coordinator
Ryan Schumacher - New Member Coordinator & Co-Webmaster
Lenson Pellouchoud - Webmaster
Gina Kehr & Bruce Smith - Coaches


Shannon Edd (President)


Eirik Ravnan (Vice President / WCCTC Representative)

2nd year graduate student in Mechanical Engineering and former Stanford Varsity swimmer

My main goal in every race is to smile the whole way. Yes, that is actually my main goal.


Thomas Roos (Race Director & Nationals Coordinator)

6th year PhD student in Biosciences

leads the way to the podium at USAT Nationals


John Butterfield (Financial Officer)

senior in earth systems and political science

team beancounter- prevents starvation


Amy King (The Stanford Fund Coordinator)


Olivia Bryant (Alumni Relations & Fundraising)

junior majoring in history

never lets alumni get dropped from the pack


Katie Fritsch (Safety Officer)


Andrew Stanley (Apparel)

3rd year PhD student in mechanical engineering

keeps us sharp


Andrew Roos (Equipment)


John Kegelman (Sponsorship)

5th year PhD student in mechanical engineering

develops symbiotic relationships with some of the best in the sporting business


Bernardo Tapia (Community Contact)

represents our team in the local community


Dave Constant (Treeathlon Director)

3rd year PhD student in biology, former rower converted to triathlon by the civilized morning workouts, warm water, and smooth roads of California

brings triathletes to the bay 600 strong in our most important event of the year


Tim Gurshin (Social Coordinator)

plans massive team parties


Maddie Graham (Womens' Team Coordinator)


Ryan Schumacher (New Member Coordinator & Co-Webmaster)

junior in human biology

this is the person to ask if you're new and confused


Lenson Pellouchoud (Webmaster)

4th year PhD student in materials science

keeps the web presence sharp and provides one of the team's biggest draft zones... ultimately responsible for everything you see here


Gina Kehr and Bruce Smith (coaches)

Click here to meet the coaches!