Getting Started

The mission of the Stanford Triathlon Team is to provide a venue for students and members of the Stanford community at all athletic abilities to train and race together under the guidance of professional coaching in order to achieve individual and team goals.

If you are a member of the Stanford community* and want to start racing in triathlons, or just want some training company, follow these easy steps:

*A member of the Stanford community means undergraduate student, graduate student, post-doc, faculty, staff, alumnus, or spouse thereof.


Before practicing with the team, Stanford Club Sports requires a liability waiver. To do this, you have to make an account with Stanford's IMLeagues and submit an online form. Follow the instructions below:

Additionally, we ask for two relatively easy online forms, a team registration form and a non-disclosure agreement for our sponsorship deals. Both of these forms can be accessed using the links below:

Finally, in order to fulfill TSF team funding-related responsibilities, you will have to register with our team under OrgSync. This is fast and easy. Follow these steps:

Mailing Lists

There are two mailing lists:

How to subscribe

Send an e-mail to to subscribe to the main list, or to for the discussion list. The subject and body of the email will be ignored, so it doesn't matter what you put there.

Alternatively you can subscribe online by visiting:

Having trouble? E-mail

Team Dues

Fall 2014 dues will go on sale soon!

Please note: Dues are not, under any circumstances, refundable. This includes injuries or any other unforeseen circumstances. We are now accepting dues for summer quarter 2014. Write a check to Stanford Triathlon Club, bring it to practice, and give it to the team financial officer, or see below to pay via PayPal.


Note: If paying online, a surcharge of $5 per quarter ($15 for the academic year) will be applied.

Select your dues option

Contact our financial officer if you have any questions.


Check out the current Training Schedule and just show up to any practice and introduce yourself to a coach or an officer.


In addition to the steps listed above, to be a member in good standing, you must:

1) Perform 12 hours (non-Nationals athletes) or 16 hours (Nationals athletes) of team jobs. Follow the team mailing list to stay up to date and sign up for team jobs. There are many opportunities for team jobs each quarter. Note: If you sign up for a team job and then don't show up, the hours you signed up for will be subtracted from your total (i.e. you will have to make up 2 hours for every 1 missed).

2) Fulfill quarterly The Stanford Fund (TSF) requirements (students only). TSF requirements vary by quarter but usually include writing letters/postcards. TSF requirements are announced each quarter on the team's mailing list.

If you are taking triathlon as a class (ATHLETIC 156C - one pass/fail credit), to receive a passing grade you must fulfill all the team requirements/obligations listed above and attend at least 21 hours of team practices during the quarter.


Team members who complete the above requirements are eligible for the following:

If you still have questions, ask our new member coordinator.

First Race Coming Up?

If you are getting ready for your first race with the team and want to make sure you don't forget anything, take a look at the race gear checklist.

If you still want to know more about our team or the sport of triathlon, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

We hope to see you at a practice soon!